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Organizing your Office Space, your Home Office and your Office Move

Transform Your Combat Zones into Comfort Zones with a Professional Office Organizer’s Help

You walk into your office and feel grounded, solid, and in control. At your desk, paperwork is neatly stowed—or nowhere to be seen. In the common areas, workstations are arranged logically, with a mind to how you work. In this space, you and your team know exactly what you need to accomplish—and you set about it clearly, efficiently, and without distraction.

Stephanie possesses the intense focus and clear mind that make her an organizer extraordinaire. She stays with each task until it is thoroughly complete, gathering you back from the abyss of distraction that is so tempting to dive into when trying to organize your life! She does it all seemingly effortlessly, although you know that her ease can only be the result of strong discipline and study of her topic. She is always ready with great tips on how to maintain the systems she gives you to keep things running smoothly and staying organized. I can‘t recommend her highly enough!  – Psychotherapist

Stephanie Shalofsky, a professional organizer in NYC with years of experience, can help you make this vision a reality. As a member of the National Association for Professional Organizers and a corporate project manager for many years, Stephanie has tailored skills and experience creating effective professional office organizing solutions. Together we’ll design and implement proactive systems and processes—making your environment a tool for productivity—not a generator of frantic searching and knee jerk reactions. Stephanie is a professional organizer who customizes your workspace to your work ethic, your organizational structure, and your other needs—and helps you regain control. The result is a clear head and a clutter-free office—and a massive boost in productivity.

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How can I get my office organized?

  • Clutter

    Your files misplaced…again. Piles of paperwork burying the notes you need now. Items strewn everywhere, distracting your thoughts and diluting your focus.

  • Lack of Systems

    Did you lose a crucial document? Forget an urgent email? Miss your afternoon meeting? You likely lack the tailored systems for maintaining a productive workflow.

  • No Space for Home Office

    A dining room table should never substitute for a desk. But at a home office, it often does—as business and leisure fight for ground and for attention.

  • Office Move

    Technicians. Interior designers. Movers. With all its various moving parts and pieces, an office move is its own full-time job—and it can easily distract you from running your business.

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