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A Professional Organizer with Customized Solutions

The Organizing Zone uses proven professional office organizing processes built on years of experience. Each project is completely customized, collaborative, and targeted towards your business objectives.

My Mother needed to go through years of paper work, organizing, eliminating, and getting ready for a transition in her life.  It was a monumental project and quite frankly overwhelming to her.  Stephanie methodically went through everything identifying what needed to be kept handy, what could be discarded and what could be put in storage.  My mom cannot speak highly enough about having the support of someone that she came to trust with highly confidential information.  I could not be more pleased myself to recommend Stephanie and The Organizing Zone. BUSINESS COACH

You’ll begin with an assessment, where we discuss your ultimate goals. We identify your obstacles as well as organizing successes, ensuring whatever systems we create together work for you. Finally, we consider the logistics: company size, timing needs, and spatial requirements.

Then, Stephanie Shalofsky develops a professional office organizing game plan: a strategic system for organizational success, specifically created for your space, learning style, and needs. Acting as your partner—and not your taskmaster—Stephanie can mold this process as needed, ensuring you reap the most benefit from her guidance. She’ll stay on board to implement your sustainable solution—calling on the necessary contacts to ensure success.

Long after your project is complete, Stephanie remains a reliable consultant for your organizing needs. Whether you need to tune up your processes or seek sound organizational advice, she goes above and beyond to share her expertise—even after you’ve said goodbye.

The office organizing process is devised around your needs—and customized for enduring success. Contact Stephanie today to get started.

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