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Time Management Tips for Work During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again! There is excitement in the air as the holidays have arrived, and with them brings lists of things to do, buy and get ready – all in a fairly limited amount of time. Even with all the festivities, you still to be able to be productive during your work… Continue Reading »

Tips to Make Office Organizing a Reality

We all dream of working in a space that is organized and efficient as we know that office organizing is important. However some days this objective seems so far-fetched and the reality is that we don’t even know where to start with the office clutter that we’ve accumulated! Here are some tips from this Professional… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Made Easier With Cloud Storage Tools

Do you use Cloud storage in your business? The benefits of this technology are numerous as are the programs and applications on the market. When it comes to office organizing, being able to store and backup your files as well as sharing and collaborating with your team is important. You can review this resource when… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Tips for Your Desk Drawers

Which person are you – the one who can you easily pull open a drawer and find exactly what you are looking for, or the one who needs to wade through items in an attempt to find that pen or paper clip? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us, but to maximize productivity… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer in NYC’s Digital Office Organizing Tips

Keeping your office organized is important to your daily productivity at work. Equally as important is the digital side of your business. Odds are good that most of your work is done on your computer, so it’s important to take the time to organize the digital side of your business. Here are some office organizing… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer in NYC’s Top Project Management Tools

In your busy work day, keeping up with the multiple tasks, projects, ideas, and collaborators is extremely important. Managing your tasks based on notes on a piece of paper or a myriad of emails in your overflowing inbox is not very efficient, and can be the reason that you miss deadlines or important steps. Here… Continue Reading »