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Apply these Office Organizing Tips Before Leaving for Vacation

You can’t enjoy time away from the office if you are constantly stressing about projects that need attention and tasks that need to be completed. Vacation should be a time for you to relax, to de-stress and to enjoy being with friends and family! Instead of worrying about the work piling up and agonizing about what awaits you… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer in NYC Tips For Working on Vacation

As a solopreneur or head of a small business, where much of the responsibility falls on your shoulders, the idea of taking any time off from work feels daunting. You aren’t the only one who feels this way! That’s why many people end up loading up their laptop with plans to work from their vacation destination. Though this… Continue Reading »

Time Management Tips to Help You Enjoy the Summer

Good time management practices during the busy summer months is a necessity in the workplace! Between vacations and time off, celebrations and long weekend trips, it can be hard to stay focused and productive at work. Instead of running around and feeling like you don’t have enough time to work and enjoy your life, check out these time… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Ideas to Help you Enjoy your Summer!

Summer will officially arrive in 2 days and with it a sense of excitement! You may be planning a vacation or a long weekend away from the office, which is well deserved after months of hard work. But before you can enjoy these beautiful summer months, you need to get your office organized. Start with these office organizing… Continue Reading »

Professional Organizer in NYC’s Business Trip Packing Tips

Heading out of town for a business trip is not exactly like leaving on vacation. Yes, some of the same rules apply, but there are other aspects to consider. When you pack for your business trip, there are some simple items you need to consider. Check out this Professional Organizer in NYC’s list of what to pack for… Continue Reading »

Email Management Tips for Your Next Vacation

What is the hardest part of heading out of the office on vacation? If you are like many people, your answer might be shutting down the computer and smart phone and stepping away from your email inbox. It can be hard to disconnect! Instead of being attached to your inbox on your next vacation, try out these email… Continue Reading »