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U.S. executives waste 6 weeks per year, on average, searching for information in a messy desks and files.

The Organizing Zone Case Studies

Case Studies:

Case Studies / Doctor’s Office – Move

Client: Office Manager, Doctor's Office

Objective: Organize Office Move & Create File Storage Space

Time Frame: 8 Days
Services Used: Office Organizing

My client needed the assistance of a NYC professional office organizer in order to achieve her objective. The contents of two apartments which were used for file archives and storage by the doctor’s office needed to be consolidated into one. One apartment served primarily as a file archive room and contained 20+ file cabinets plus assorted office paperwork that needed to be organized. The second apartment had housed a lab which was no longer operational. The objective was to organize an office move that would maximize all available space and create a professional looking storage space where all of the files, documents and materials related to the practice could be easily accessed. In addition, time needed to be spent on organizing office paperwork which included the patient’s charts and test results.

Client Reaction

 “ Stephanie was prompt, thorough, "organized", made informative suggestions, but mostly extremely easy to work with. She had a plan for each day of the project and executed it completely. The project was completed in a timely manner and all the files and cabinets that were moved to the new space were labeled and organized in a defined manner so that filing in the future will be very simple. I would highly recommend Stephanie Shalofsky as a professional office organizer. She did a great job with our project.


  • Some outdated patient's charts had been collected for shredding
  • The remaining outdated charts needed to be removed from the shelves
  • Cabinets, equipment, supplies and paperwork from the lab were still in the space
  • Hundreds of patient's charts needed to be filed
  • Test results paperwork was piled on top of the file cabinets
  • Old furniture, obsolete equipment and used tapes had accumulated


  • All lab-related materials were completely removed
  • Outdated patient's charts were pulled and the more current charts filed
  • All of the file cabinets were consolidated in former lab space
  • Additional file cabinets could be added when needed
  • All outdated test results were removed and the more current test results filed
  • The cabinets were positioned in chronological order and the contents were re-organized

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