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Organizing Paperwork

Project Overview

A NYC attorney was drowning in the volume of paperwork that came across her desk. She lacked the proper solutions for organizing paperwork as well as managing the tasks and priorities that each new document delivered. The Organizing Zone stepped in to create easy-to-follow systems and useful priority management strategies to minimize her stress.


Stephanie Shalofsky was able to clear her client’s desktop of cluttered papers, strategically organizing paperwork by separating new incoming documents from active project folders in specifically assigned locations. She established itemized folders for time sensitive tasks and pending projects, and placed each on her client’s desk within arm’s reach. With Stephanie’s help, she was able to consolidate her to-do list, which she was taught to update systematically at the end of each day.


This attorney quickly went from a desktop overflowing with papers and a scattered process for managing their tasks to a systemized workflow process that put her back in control. Because Stephanie tailored these systems to her direct needs, she has been able to keep them in place ever since.

What the Client Says

“I went from piles and piles of papers on my desk, folders and notebooks all about the office, to an organized work flow system which has allowed me to be much more efficient and effective. I know where everything is and have yet to go back to my old ways. I highly recommend Stephanie to any and all working professionals, especially busy lawyers, department heads and high level executives.”

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