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Productive Workspaces – Home Office Organizing

When your office is also your home, your living space can get bogged down with stuff.  Home office organizing can turn into a never ending task. Files appear where they shouldn’t: on your dining table, tossed on the sofa or atop your dresser or bed. Household items wind up on your desk. You can’t seem to find anything, and life feels cluttered, hectic, and massively disorganized.

It was such a pleasure to work with Stephanie on organizing my home office! After months of trying to tackle my piles and piles of papers and shopping bags of “stuff”, Stephanie got right to work and now I have a neat work area and systems to keep me organized. She is very professional and kept our appointment on track. I can now sit at my desk and not feel defeated by my mess. THANK YOU STEPHANIE! Professional Photographer

Home office organizing with Stephanie Shalofsky helps you separate work from play. When we’re finished, you’ll know where everything is—with distinct systems, designated spaces, and disciplined storage. Without having to hunt for missing project folders, pens, and office supplies, you can take definitive action and amplify your productivity. If we’re organizing your home office, the results will be outstanding.

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