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315 E 69th St, Ste 9D, New York, NY


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Ready to tackle the paper piles? Time to regain control over your office space? Call or email the NYC Professional Office Organizer today.

The Organizing Zone
315 East 69th Street, Suite 9D
New York, NY 10021

Book a Call – Schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone conversation with Stephanie Shalofsky, Professional Office Organizer in NYC where we’ll begin to discuss your project goals and organizing challenges. We look forward to helping you find solutions that are customized for your style and preferences.

Book Stephanie to Speak – Stephanie Shalofsky proudly shares her expertise as a NYC Professional Office Organizer at conferences, roundtables, lunch-and-learns and other events throughout the city. Stephanie’s talks focus on strategies which improve productivity and help business owners change their daily mantra from “WHERE IS IT?!!!” to “I have it!”. As a result, the constant state of being overwhelmed and stressed out becomes a thing of the past. Contact Stephanie to discuss booking her for your next meeting or event.

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