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Time Management

Sometimes, you feel like a helpless pinball in a machine. You work long, hard days—yet you struggle to accomplish what needs to get done. Instead, you bounce reactively from task to task—overlooking priorities, missing deadlines, and feeling generally ineffective.

Since we created a system for organizing my paperwork and another for managing my to-do list based on your time management tips, I am less stressed, happier and better organized. I am much more productive in my office and no longer waste time and energy looking for information that I know that I have. You have helped me tremendously for which I am very appreciative as I was at my wits end before I called you! Director, Health Information Management

Business owner, solopreneur, employee. All of us can fall prey to the pinball syndrome. It’s crucial to understand the basics of time management, tailor these to your own working style, and de-clutter your workday—and your mind.

The Organizing Zone can teach you to do just this. Your personal catalyst for productivity, Stephanie Shalofsky can impart effective techniques for managing your activities and yourself — and not letting them manage you.

When we’re done with our virtual organizing sessions, you’ll be formulating actionable to-do lists, creating a functional calendar, and strategizing your own time management tips. We’ll follow up with support for as long as you need—ensuring the time management tips are being put to productive use.

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