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Productive Workspaces – Organize Paperwork

Random paper piles. Buried folders. Business cards spilling on to the floor. Without a system to organize paperwork, you struggle with deciding which papers to keep and are wasting lots of time looking for documents.

It’s time to organize paperwork when…

  • You don’t know where to put the papers and you’re surrounded by piles that keep multiplying.
  • You’re fearful that you will toss an important document.
  • You opt to keep it all even though 80% of your files won’t ever be needed again.
  • You’re running out of filing space and aren’t able to easily retrieve folders from your jammed packed cabinets.
  • You’re devoting a disproportionate amount of costly floor space to file cabinets.

Stephanie Shalofsky collaborates with you either virtually or in person to create customized paper filing systems to organize paperwork—guiding you through the decision making process, offering tips and streamlining your files so that you can find what you need instantly.

My tax paperwork is organized and ready for my meeting with my accountant….I couldn’t be more pleased as that meeting is still over 2 weeks away! Stephanie created an excellent system for organizing my paperwork and then tabulating my expenses using Excel which was so much faster and more efficient than the one I had been using for years. This system worked so well that I have been complimented on it by my accountant! Architect

The Organizing Zone’s maintenance package to organize paperwork includes monthly, or quarterly paperwork organizing sessions to keep you and your staff on the right track and ensure your systems function optimally.

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