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Whether you’re reorganizing space, revamping your filing systems, or establishing a productive work environment, outside assistance is needed. Juggling these tasks can consume your time and interfere with your ability to run a successful business.

Your presentation made a difference in my life.  I finally cleaned out my immediate file drawers in my home office desk so it only contains 2016 information.  I put all the previous information and 2015 documents into my 2015 carton.  It freed up my desk and my head.  The whole apartment feels lighter.
Retained Executive Recruiter

When you work with The Organizing Zone, you get more than a skilled professional organizer. You get Stephanie Shalofsky, a proficient project manager with the resources to get the job done. As a member of the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO), Stephanie also collaborates with her professional organizing colleagues. This adds another level of expertise to your project ensuring that your goals will be met.

If you are moving or restructuring your office, she can call on her vast network of interior designers, architects, IT professionals, electricians, junk removal and shredding companies—you name it—to get the job done. She’ll create a detailed production schedule and manage each team accordingly while you continue to focus on your business.

With Stephanie Shalofsky as your professional organizer, you can enjoy the benefit of an organized office—without putting your responsibilities on pause to make it happen. Read more about our services and company.

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