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Office Organizing Project

Project Overview

Part-time volunteers staffed a department within this non-profit. As they cycled in and out of the office each day, they moved things around, making it difficult to locate files and supplies. The large office space was being underutilized for both storage and workspaces. The Organizing Zone set out to convert this chaotic space into a zone of productivity by applying some basic office organizing principles.


First, Stephanie Shalofsky defined the non-profit’s many objectives, identifying success and setting attainable milestones. Then, made some office organizing changes that boosted productivity and led to an impressive increase in staff morale. She de-cluttered a section of storage shelves that contained a mix of archival items, oversized office supplies, holiday decorations. Stephanie also organized and contained office supply storage in a designated area surrounding the mailing station. With her office organizing help, volunteers could easily and immediately find what they were looking for in clearly labeled cabinets and shelves.


Stephanie Shalofsky was able to re-configure the entire department for optimal productivity. She created an additional workspace, a reception area for the department, and a meeting space where staff could gather professionally. By de-cluttering storage shelves and creating a centralized supply area, she was able to remove excess cabinets to make more space for work. With Stephanie’s help, this disorganized department became a space-efficient, professional, and productive environment.

What the Client Says

“Thank you for the incredible job you have done helping us reorganize our office space for better and more efficient use. Your time, talent, and most of all, sensitivity to staff during this transformation has been nothing short of wonderful and remarkable.”

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