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Office Organizing Project

Project Overview

This PR and event agency had just moved into their new office space.  Once all the boxes were unpacked, it was apparent that their shipping area needed to be better organized.  There were sufficient shelves for storing supplies and an area designated as the packing/shipping station. However, the shelves were stocked full of randomly placed packing and shipping supplies, assorted bags for samples and a huge container of tissue paper. A large printer was taking up valuable real estate on the shipping station so the space available for packing was very limited. In addition, tape guns, staplers and abandoned samples further reduced the packing area. While there was sufficient space, it wasn’t being maximized and there wasn’t a strategy for the placement of those materials used daily by the staff.


Stephanie Shalofsky had 2 objectives for this project: maximizing the space and designating specific locations as well as containers for all materials used in the shipping area. The shelves were used for storing overstock shipping supplies and packing materials. With the exception of bubble wrap and large shopping bags, the items stored on the shelves were put in clearly labeled storage containers recommended specifically for this project. Additional storage containers were positioned in the open spaces to accommodate future needs. The packing/shipping station was cleared and essential supplies like tape guns were collected in bins. The shelf immediately above the workspace contained all the frequently used materials like FEDEX and UPS shipping supplies.


As a result of re-organizing this area, every bit of possible storage space had a specific purpose and all materials required for packing up a shipment are readily available at the packing/shipping station. All overstock or supplies that are too large to be stored above the shipping station have a designated home in the storage section. This area which is used by the entire staff is now very orderly, organized and can be easily maintained. Supplies can be efficiently replenished and new additions to the supply inventory can be quickly assigned a home.

What the Client Says

“My PR and events agency needed a pro to reorganize our supply and shipping areas in our new offices.  Stephanie proved to be above and beyond expectations.  She approached the job calmly and logically and balanced function and aesthetic perfectly.” – Co-Chairman

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