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Time Management Tips for an Overloaded Entrepreneur

Project Overview

As an entrepreneur, writer, and mother of four in grad school, this client was overloaded with responsibilities—and lacked the proper time management tips to stay on top of it all. She noted calls, tasks, and errands in a random fashion—both on scraps of paper and in her calendar. With the help of The Organizing Zone’s time management tips, she would create detailed systems to gain control of her busy schedule—and remain organized.


Stephanie Shalofsky started by crafting a solution that that client would be able to comfortably maintain. The first of the time management tips focused on teaching her client to create a system for tracking her many tasks—prioritizing them as needed, putting them in the context of daily meetings and appointments, thus enabling their completion.


After further tweaking our process to the client’s specific way of thinking, Stephanie was able to implement a system that worked for her in the long term. The client now updates her to-do lists on a daily basis, systematically adding tasks that occur to her ad hoc. Stephanie’s strategies and time management tips have enabled her client to develop new habits as an organized thinker. She looks to Stephanie as a trusted advisor to help her stay organized.

What the Client Says

“Now that I have begun to internalize Stephanie’s methods, papers are filed and my calendar and to-do list are in plain sight on my desk. This is now becoming second nature to me, and I owe this learned behavior to Stephanie. Her strength is her calm. Nothing ruffles her. She listens carefully and reminds me “life happens,” allowing me to exhale, get my systems back on track, and move forward.”

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