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Tech Tools That Help With Office Decluttering

Your office, like your home, could use a good spring cleaning, and you might just be looking for a little support! Technology offers so much help, guidance, and fresh ideas right at our fingertips. There are apps for everything – even office organizing! This NYC Professional Office Organizer encourages you to check out this list… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Office Organizer Encourages Recycling

Spring cleaning your office is the perfect time to explore local recycling options in your area. Whether you need to recycle the piles of excess paper or the old computer system you’ve been holding onto, now is the time to take advantage of the various local events and programs that help make recycling even easier…. Continue Reading »

Ask a Professional Organizer – Decluttering Your Office

As you dig into your organizing projects this spring, make sure decluttering your office is on your list of tasks. This month your NYC Professional Office Organizer is answering questions about organizing and decluttering your workspace. Q: I want to take advantage of this urge to spring clean my workspace, but I’m very overwhelmed by… Continue Reading »

Spring Decluttering? Donation Tips from NYC Professional Office Organizer

As you use these early spring days to “spring clean” your office, you are probably accumulating many items that you no longer need. Don’t let that clutter find its way back into your space. Instead, donate it! This NYC Professional Office Organizer has a list of organizations local to NYC as well as throughout the… Continue Reading »

NYC Professional Office Organizer’s 3-Step System to Spring Decluttering Your Office

Many who work in an office or run a business have a similar goal – to work in an organized space. It’s one thing to want to work in an organized space, but it’s another to make it happen. This NYC Professional Office Organizer is frequently asked how to make an organized workspace a reality!… Continue Reading »