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Stop Using Your Inbox as Your To-Do List

One challenge you have probably faced is determining how best to manage the tasks that are delivered via email. With the rate and speed that email collects, it is incredibly easy to lose track of an important email and miss a necessary task. The key is to stop using your email inbox as a to-do… Continue Reading »

Beat Email Overwhelm… Strategies to Get You Started

Keeping your inbox organized is no small feat. If you’re like many of us, you receive at least 100 email a day if not more. Messages collect from clients, colleagues, all of the email mailing lists and of course plenty of spam. To eliminate email overwhelm, start with the basics. Create a system of filing,… Continue Reading »

Email Management Strategies to get Your Inbox to Zero

Have you heard of “Inbox Zero” before? It’s a term used to indicate clearing out your inbox until your inbox is completely empty. That means absolutely none – no unread emails, no already read emails that you’ve saved for later – zero! Sounds like a dream, right? Is this actually possible? After implementing these email… Continue Reading »

Want to Spend Less Time in Your Inbox?

Nothing affects your office productivity more than hours spent aimlessly trying to sort through your overflowing inbox. Walking into the office in the morning and immediately being met with multiple emails requiring your response can be jarring, and it doesn’t allow you to immediately tackle your to-do list. So how can you spend less time… Continue Reading »

Tech Tools Make Email Management Easy

One of the biggest problems with productivity in the office is email management – or lack thereof! Learning how to use tech tools to manage your email is a great step towards improved focus and productivity. Here’s a list of email management apps compiled by your NYC Professional Office Organizer. Airmail. This app is great… Continue Reading »

Staying Organized When Your Co-workers Aren’t

It’s hard enough to stay organized in the best of circumstances, but if you are working in a home office with a messy spouse or in a space with co-workers who aren’t organized, it seems near impossible! With these tips from your NYC Professional Office Organizer and some initiative, you and your co-workers can eliminate… Continue Reading »