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Meet Stephanie

Stephanie Shalofsky, NYC Professional Office Organizer

Stephanie is passionate about working with small business owners to create an organized work environment that can be maintained. As a Professional Office Organizer and Certified Virtual Organizing ProfessionalTM, she calmly guides her clients past the indecision, overwhelm, and procrastination which has prevented them from tackling the clutter and chaos that surrounds them. She frequently hears from clients that she “really listened”, understood their challenge, and created a customized solution that worked for them.

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Starting her own business was the goal when Stephanie decided to leave the entertainment industry. The organizing and productivity industry was the perfect match for her skills, interests, and desire to help others achieve their goals.

The Organizing Zone has made themselves indispensable to my firm.  Stephanie tackles all projects with calmness and timeliness and executes them seamlessly and within budget. 

CEO, Beauty Company

Stephanie cultivated many of the skills that she relies on in her current client work as Vice President of Operations at SONY’s home entertainment division and then as Vice President of Production & Marketing at Central Park Media. During these years, she honed her ability to manage extensive projects, communicate effectively with all colleagues, and develop sustainable systems.

She understood that businesses everywhere would benefit from her organizational resourcefulness. So, Stephanie launched The Organizing Zone in 2008 and became a professional office organizer in New York City. Since then, she has worked onsite and virtually to transform countless businesses from combat zones into organized, productive, and prosperous comfort zones.


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