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Productive Workspaces – Organizing a Home Office

When you’re working from home, boundaries often don’t exist as your home and business lives constantly battle for space.  Add in remote work and organizing a home office can be even more challenging.

Home office organizing is a never ending task when…

  • Your office is now your couch.
  • You’re sharing the space with the rest of your family.
  • Projects are abandoned on the table, floor and sofa.
  • Your desk is shoved in the corner of the bedroom and covered with piles of unopened mail and paperwork to file.
  • You’re constantly wasting time looking for stuff.

When your home office doesn’t have a home and is needed for more than answering emails and paying bills, life is chaotic and disorganized. Working from home doesn’t have to be this way especially if you’re not returning to your office any time soon.  Let’s talk.

It was such a pleasure to work with Stephanie on organizing my home office! After months of trying to tackle my piles and piles of papers and shopping bags of “stuff”, Stephanie got right to work and now I have a neat work area and systems to keep me organized. She is very professional and kept our appointment on track. I can now sit at my desk and not feel defeated by my mess. THANK YOU STEPHANIE! Professional Photographer

Once organizing a home office is done…

  • You’ll have a command center for confidently getting your work done and managing your team. 
  • Your frequently used supplies will have a home.
  • You’ll have distinct systems for managing workflow.
  • You’ll be quickly checking tasks off your list as the distractions will be gone.

Having Stephanie Shalofsky organize your home office will transform your home workspace into an essential space where you can get your work done. Regardless of whether she organizes your home office in person or virtually, the results will be outstanding

To learn more about the strategies Stephanie shares with clients, check out this podcast interview where she talks about creating an organized and productive home office.

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