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Virtual Organizing Sessions

Inefficient home offices. Disorganized filing systems. Cluttered spaces.

These are common problems especially during these unusual times. Eliminate the daily stress and feeling of overwhelm that comes with being disorganized. Schedule virtual organizing sessions with Stephanie Shalofsky, Certified Virtual Organizing ProfessionalTM to regain the calm, control and peace of mind that comes with having an organized space and systems.

What is Virtual Organizing?

  • A process for getting organized through very focused virtual meetings so your project is completed faster
  • An effective method for learning and practicing organizing skills under Stephanie’s guidance
  • A faster way to develop new habits that will sustain your space once the project is done
  • A collaboration between Stephanie and you to create customized solutions for achieving your specific goals
  • A proven alternative to in person meetings for organizing your home office, creating a filing system, or decluttering when time is limited

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What Will Virtual Organizing Sessions Do For You?

  • You’ll have the efficient home office that you desperately need now
  • You’ll be more focused without the clutter to distract you
  • You’ll be more productive with customized systems to keep you on track
  • You’ll know exactly where all paperwork, supplies and materials go so there are no more piles
  • You’ll have more time because you’re no longer losing chunks of time looking for stuff

What Do Clients Love About Virtual Organizing?

  • The very focused sessions are motivating. Their accomplishments are obvious much sooner.
  • The accountability keeps them focused on their organizing goal. They know I’m there to guide and support them. 
  • The shorter sessions are long enough for them to learn new skills. But they aren’t overwhelmed by them.
  • The between session tasks provide an ideal opportunity to practice the organizing skills taught during the sessions. This helps new habits to form.
  • The flexibility with scheduling sessions makes it simpler to book meetings. It’s easier to find a 1-hour slot at a convenient time even on a busy calendar.

Stephanie, working with you was such a pleasure. I had been delaying organizing my home office. It just seemed like it was too much to do. Specifically, when I considered my large, time consuming regular work schedule. You made it easy, efficient and fun. Working with you really helped me regain control of time and space, improve the functionality and appearance of my home office, and most importantly enhance efficiency, boost productivity and help simplify my work environment. What I loved most about you is that you immediately understood my working style and designed a plan that specifically fitted my needs; and developed a system of organization that is efficient and easy for me to use.

Senior Business Banker

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