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Home Office Organizing

Project Overview

A certified image consultant used the dining and living room areas of her apartment as a dual office and living space. With personal and business items jumbled on the dining room table (think fashion magazines and makeup mirrors complicating sit-down family meals), the client lacked a clear separation between work and play—and a place to sit with her family to eat dinner. She brought us in to provide our home office organizing services.


Stephanie Shalofsky began organizing the home office by de-cluttering the client’s storage room—filled with a mix of business and personal items—and turning it into a designated home office reserved for work-related materials. She removed all extraneous items to create a more productive work environment, storing anything non-work-related elsewhere. Stephanie also provided her client with workflow strategies to better conduct her business at home.


With a closet to store sample products, a workstation to demo samples on her clients, and a true desk to work on, the client now had a professional environment to conduct her business. The office is not just efficient but aesthetically pleasing. As a result of Stephanie Shalofsky’s home office organizing expertise, she hasn’t had to work on her dining room table since.

What the Client Says

“Now that I am working in my office—formerly my storage room—I can only say that the feeling I have is one of luxury—the luxury of reaching out to retrieve something without searching, stepping over, and digging out. While there was a lot of hard work involved, it was absolutely worth it. I would highly recommend Stephanie Shalofsky to anyone who has an organizing challenge.”

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