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Virtual Organizing-Home Office

Project Overview

This large home office space that belongs to a NICU nurse can easily accommodate the professional tasks that need to be done and support her various creative interests. As she was wasting lots of time looking for items, systems were needed for managing her paperwork, space, and art supplies. She wanted a clear desktop, to be able to quickly access materials and then return them to their home when no longer needed.  This was an ideal virtual organizing project.


As this client lives out of state, Stephanie Shalofsky scheduled 4 virtual organizing home office sessions for this project. She divided the space into zones and they tackled one zone at a time. The areas that they focused on included 2 filing cabinets and boxes of old files; her desk, the shelves above the desk and the art supplies. In each area, the contents of the space was sorted, purged and re-organized. Stephanie and her client then worked together to create systems for managing the materials, paperwork and workspace so that the entire space could be easily maintained.


As a result of setting up retention guidelines, this client’s files were greatly streamlined. Space was designated in the cabinet near her home office for household, work and personal files while the archived tax returns and other similar documents were stored in a cabinet in the garage. With the files done, the desktop was next. Project trays were setup for temporarily storing all the materials needed for an art project. Once done, the supplies would then be returned to the supply storage area. The vertical file near her primary workspace was re-organized so only frequently needed materials and task information remained. The books on the shelves above the desk were grouped by category and the most frequently used ones were placed right above the computer.

What the Client Says

“My workspace and art room has been a scene of chaos and a source of frustration to me for so long. I felt paralyzed and unable to make any decisions. Stephanie helped me move forward with logical, practical ideas, suggestions, and methods to maximize my space. She listened to me and could see what I wanted. It has now been a joy to sit comfortably at my clear desk. I am more relaxed, free of surrounding chaos, able to work on my art and work projects. Thank you, Stephanie, I am very grateful and ‘Life is Good!’.”

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