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Tips from NYC Professional Office Organizer

Need some NYC professional office organizer inspiration and expert advice to boost your organizing skills? Browse the tips and resources in this section. Included are tried and true techniques, recycling and donation options, and professional office organizing advice—all of which will transform your office environment into a zone of productivity.


Schedule checking your email

Establish a schedule for checking your inbox at set intervals during the day. Respond to those that can be addressed in 2 minutes or less and move those that will require more time into an Action Folder.

Declutter your desk

When decluttering your workspace, avoid constantly leaving the space to put away an item that belongs in another part of the office. Instead collect all of these items in one place, group them by location and disperse them once the de-cluttering task is completed.

Organizing office paperwork

If you aren’t sure if you should discard a specific document, ask yourself the following questions: When was the last time I looked at this document? Can I get another copy? What’s the worst thing that will happen if I don’t have it?

File papers at work

File papers as you process them each day to avoid the pile up on your desk. If you don’t file as you go, schedule time for filing paperwork at regular intervals on a weekly, bimonthly, or monthly basis.

Review your to-do list

Carefully review your to-do list and identify those tasks that could be done by a colleague, your staff or a family member. By delegating, not only will the tasks be completed by the desired deadline, you are also providing an opportunity for colleagues or family members to learn and participate.

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