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Outmoded cell phones. Antiquated computers. Outdated documents. Recyclables abound when maintaining or organizing office space on an ongoing basis. Help out our environment by learning how to properly recycle the items you no longer need.

Recycle office contruction

leftover from office construction projects are collected and sold at deep discounts. Appliances less than 4 years old, office furniture, cabinets, and more can be donated. Visit BuildGreen!NYC for more information.

Recycling office electronics

The Lower East Side Ecology Center offers free disposal of working and nonworking electronics. They provide collection events seasonally in neighborhoods, and accept equipment at their storage facility during the week. Click here for more information.

Recycling office equipment

ReuseNYC Donations Exchange accepts used and surplus materials, such as building materials from an office redesign, computers, electronics, office equipment, furniture, office supplies, and more. They facilitate the exchange from organizations and businesses that no longer need them to other entities that do. Click here for more information.

Recycling in NYC

GrowNYC is the sustainability resource for New Yorkers and provides extensive information concerning recycling many every day items from paper to electronics to plastic and much more.  Click here for more information.

Recycling and shredding paper

Fedex provides secure collection bins in select stores. Confidential paperwork like financial documents and bills as well as junk mail, file folders and notebooks can be deposited in the bins. To find a Fedex location that offers shredding services, click here.

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