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Office Moves

You’re expanding your business—literally. In moving to a new office, you’d like nothing more than to outsource the move to a full-service move coordinator; this way, you can continue to focus on what’s important: growing your business and making your clients happy.

Stephanie puts her heart and soul into everything she does.  She masterminded our move from my apartment to our beautiful new office.  She did EVERYTHING as the office was raw space.  I come to work every day and am SO HAPPY!
CEO, Beauty Company

The Organizing Zone has moved companies efficiently and seamlessly. We’ll work with your design teams to ensure adequate storage as you continue to expand. We then coordinate with all involved teams—architect, interior design, contractors and construction, facilities and building management, technology, movers—and create an office move checklist.

We use this office move checklist as a tool as we ensure integrity with your blueprints, supervise packing and unpacking, order and receive furniture and supplies, vet and hire a moving company, check building-compliant move times, ensure appropriate bonding and move insurance, turn on electricity and telecom services, coordinate wiring and other technology-related projects, manage furniture assembly and placement—and put all of these complex tasks in a sequence that saves you time and money, and avoids unnecessary waiting and effort.

If you or your office can benefit from a fully or partially coordinated move, fill out a contact form and we’ll be in touch.

Productive Environment DayTM

For a pre-move activity with a powerful ROI, consider this package. Over the course of one 8-hour workday, Stephanie Shalofsky, our professional organizer, will empower your employees to effectively eliminate anything they don’t need—whether by discarding, shredding, recycling, or returning them to the supply room. In just one 8-hour workday, our professional organizer will teach clutter-defeating strategies that will carry into your new space. Then, she’ll oversee the entire process, addressing any questions or issues that arise throughout the day. You’ll return to work the next day with optimal space for productivity—and save big on your next office move.

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