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Productive Workspaces – Email Management

When read and unread messages begin to pile up, your inbox can become a black hole of disorganized information. A cluttered inbox and lack of proper organizing technique will leave you desperate for email management tips as you struggle to track your tasks—which results in wasted time, lost revenue, miffed clients, and loose ends that never get addressed.

I am so glad we decided to work with Stephanie after we received a great recommendation to do so! We worked with Stephanie to organize some of our work spaces as well as our emails, and working with her was truly a pleasure and very easy. She was quickly and efficiently able to organize desk spaces, set up filing systems, and systems to organize emails. The systems we have in place allow our staff to be organized and effective in their daily tasks, which in turn allows us to be more successful as a business. I would not hesitate to work with her again and to recommend her to anyone who needs an organizational expert. Vice President, Residential Contractor

The Organizing Zone can help you implement simple email management tips for your personal or office computers. Together, we’ll create strategies for effectively processing the daily onslaught of new messages, structuring messages that are concise and effective, regaining control of your inbox, and being able to find exactly what you need, whenever you need it.

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