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Virtual Home Office Organizing Case Study: Creating a Professional Space

As a result of the pandemic, many people who didn’t usually work from home were forced to do so. In some cases, they had a home office while others had to make do with the dining room table or with converting a closet into a workspace. My client, who works at one of the large banks in NYC, was fortunate to have a home office in a corner of his finished basement. However, when advised that he would be working from home until the fall, it was well past time to make some changes. We met virtually for less than 2 hours to create a home office organizing strategy that would result in a more professional and productive space.

Before:  While his home office was functional, it didn’t feel like an office environment. My client was working at a small computer desk that was crowded with 2 monitors, his laptop and iPad so there was barely any space for writing notes. In addition, the printer was on a shelf below the desktop so his legs didn’t comfortably fit underneath it. The rest of his work area was cluttered with a small open shelf storage unit and a 2-drawer file cabinet. The available space needed to be maximized to improve workflow. In addition to addressing the physical space, changes to his daily routine were also needed to create a more office like vibe.

After: A larger more suitable desk was especially necessary in this situation. In addition to that, the only other item that was essential was the file cabinet. This freed up enough space to accommodate a new standing desk which was my client’s preference. It not only reminded him of his work office but would be a healthier option. To keep the desktop clear, both monitors were mounted allowing space for the phone and small office supplies.

The printer was moved to the top of the file cabinet so that it was significantly easier to access. My client also used this opportunity to organize all the power cords and cables under the desk. Lastly, we also reviewed productivity strategies that would create more of an office atmosphere like scheduling focused work time followed by short breaks away from his desk.

Here’s what my client has to say about this project: “Stephanie, working with you was such a pleasure. I had been delaying organizing my home office. It just seemed like it was too much to do. Specifically, when I considered my large, time consuming regular work schedule. You made it easy, efficient and fun. 

 Working with you really helped me regain control of time and space, improve the functionality and appearance of my home office, and most importantly enhance efficiency, boost productivity and help simplify my work environment.

What I loved most about you is that you immediately understood my working style and designed a plan that specifically fitted my needs; and developed a system of organization that is efficient and easy for me to use.”

Re-organizing your home office can be done virtually and may be another option for you to consider. Reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today to discuss your home office organizing challenges.

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