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3 Home Office Organization Ideas for Spring

Spring is here… it’s a time of renewal, refreshing and getting organized. Your home office may be in need of some attention. After all, you’ve probably spent a lot of time in your home workspace over the past year. This is the perfect opportunity to re-organize the space, identify more efficient ways to store supplies and frequently used materials and enhance the appearance of your space. Here are 3 home office organization ideas that will inspire you to tackle this task.

Home Office Storage Starter Kit:  This is actually a 3 tier cart that has space for storing those must have work materials that might clutter up your desk and overflow onto the flow. In addition, there is space for storing office supplies and a pegboard for further maximizing the space. This cart comes with various organizing cups, bins and trays and is ideal for a home workspace that has very limited space.

Cable Zipper:  Getting all those wires and cables that pile up under your desk organized can be quite a feat. Here’s a quick and easy way to address this issue. All you need to do is to lock the cables in and then zip them into the 8 foot cable zipper. Labels for tagging each end of each cable or wire are also included.

Perch Magnetic Modular System: These attractive wall containers can be easily mounted to the wall and help keep your small workspace organized. They are ideal for frequently used supplies and keep them very accessible while leaving your desktop space available for more important items. They are easy to install, can be easily removed or re-positioned as needed.

What other home office organization ideas do you have? I would love to hear them. Please reach out to share them.

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