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Let’s Talk: Effective Communication Improves Productivity

I’ve often shared that ORGANIZATION is key in creating a productive workplace and good communication skills are vital in working productively in that space. When communicating effectively you will alleviate confusion, give purpose, create accountability, and ultimately provide a more positive company culture. Efficient communication improves productivity. Without it, you will spend more time on… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Strategies: Different Offices, Different Approaches

Not every office looks the same! Some people may work in a cubicle, while others work in a large corner office. You may be a solopreneur who is working from home or a small business with a more modern office space that has collaborative seating. No matter your unique situation, the basic office organizing rules… Continue Reading »

3 Ways to Juggle Volunteer Activities and Work

Finding time to volunteer at local charities or to participate in active fundraising might feel very daunting when you already are working 50+ hours a week. You may WANT to give back, but when? Where? How? It’s tough to find time between the emails, meetings, project deadlines, and the mile long to-do list on your… Continue Reading »

Let’s Discuss: Office Organizing Trends for 2019

Wanting to live and work in an organized, efficient space is not a new concept, but organizing sure has gone viral over the last year! TV shows, blog posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest boards… the office organizing trends for the year are everywhere. But do they work? And can they be applied to your office? This… Continue Reading »

My Favorite “How to Stay Organized” Strategies

How to stay organized __… that phrase has become a popular Google search, with the blank being filled in with all types of office and work scenarios. As a NYC Professional Office Organizer, I’ve been able to support my clients in everything from small home offices to bigger open office spaces. The options for workspaces… Continue Reading »

Is the DIY Approach to Organizing for You?

If you are one of the millions of Americans with Netflix streaming in your home, then you have probably heard the buzz about Marie Kondo’s show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo”. This show has inspired many to dive in and declutter their homes, their closets, and even their offices, keeping items that “spark joy” and… Continue Reading »