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4 Strategies to Improve Daily Productivity at Work

How can you improve productivity during your workday? We want to be able to complete all our daily tasks, but it often feels like there just is not enough time. Deadlines are pushed, tasks are missed, and we feel rushed most of the time. There must be a better way, right? The answer is… yes!… Continue Reading »

An Organized Workspace Will Improve Productivity

Do you know what the secret is to a productive, efficient office space? It’s an organized workspace! No matter the size of your desk, transforming it into a functional space is the key. That means that everything you need for your daily work is within arm’s reach. This creates a simplified, systematic work experience, and… Continue Reading »

Apps You Can Use Today to Improve Work Productivity

Do you find yourself struggling with productivity in the workplace? It’s hard to remain focused and on task with the vast variety of distractions in your office and online. Instead of getting frustrated, why not try a tech tool to get you back on track! Try some of these top tech tools suggested by this… Continue Reading »

Let’s Discuss: Office Organizing Trends for 2019

Wanting to live and work in an organized, efficient space is not a new concept, but organizing sure has gone viral over the last year! TV shows, blog posts, YouTube videos, Pinterest boards… the office organizing trends for the year are everywhere. But do they work? And can they be applied to your office? This… Continue Reading »

My Favorite Strategies for Improving Focus

Like many people, you have probably found it difficult to stay focused at work from time to time. Some days it’s more of a problem and can affect your productivity. I’ve compiled my favorite blogs shared over the last year…. All of which provide tools and strategies that will help improve your focus at work…. Continue Reading »

4 Tips to Organize and Protect Your Electronics When Traveling

When traveling for work or pleasure this summer, one of the most important steps you can take is organizing your electronics before you leave. As most electronic gadgets are expensive, you should take precautions to keep them safe so you can avoid unnecessary costs down the road. One of my favorite reminders to clients is… Continue Reading »