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3 Small Office Organizing Shifts For Big Impact

The general idea of “organizing your office” is big and vague. It’s not very specific so it can is overwhelming to think about all the tasks you need to do to get organized! Instead of focusing on that larger concept, focus on the small daily shifts you can make which will have a big impact… Continue Reading »

Next Steps to Crushing Your 2020 Office Organizing Goals

After you’ve created your list of office organizing goals for this new year, now it’s time to take action! What should you do to get started? How can you be sure this isn’t one of those resolutions that you abandon by mid-February? Your NYC Professional Office Organizer shares the next steps you should take to… Continue Reading »

Before Closing the Door on 2019, Get Your Office Organized For 2020

In just a few short weeks we will be starting not just a brand new year, but also a new decade! When it comes to work, this is the time to start prepping for the calendar shift. As the year comes to a close, there are some simple office organizing tasks that can be done… Continue Reading »

Office Organizing Gift Ideas

There is one less shopping weekend before Christmas this year thanks to a later-than-usual Thanksgiving. Many people are still out shopping for the friends, family, colleagues, and clients on their list. Here’s a suggestion for this year – why not give the gift of organization! These gifts are not only helpful with your office organizing… Continue Reading »

Create an Office Holiday Action Plan for Getting It All Done

How does your office navigate the busy holiday season? The last several weeks of the year are busy with holiday parties, family gatherings, shopping trips, and maybe even a trip or two. With an office full of people trying to manage work and their personal lives, it’s imperative to take steps to ensure that the… Continue Reading »

Effective Ways to Use Color in the Workplace

When it comes to improving business operations and efficiency, there are so many methods to choose from. One such method that can often be overshadowed is color. Here are some effective ways to use color in the workplace that you may not have already tried. Color-Code Files Many offices still have cabinets full of files,… Continue Reading »