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Why are You Stuck and Unable to Clear Clutter?

You have a vision of what your decluttered, organized workspace would look like. All the surfaces are clear. Those essential items that you use daily have a designated spot on your desk. The remaining less frequently used items have a home out of sight that makes sense to you. The problem…. You are focused on… Continue Reading »

Stop Delaying, Start Decluttering… Here’s Why

Recently, I have been focusing on how to clear the clutter in your workspace and shared strategies for getting the job done. You have probably heard that a decluttered space will make you more productive. There’ll be less distractions so you’ll be more focused and you’ll get more done.  All this is true. However, there… Continue Reading »

My Favorite Clutter Clearing Questions

I have been sharing strategies for decluttering  your workspace so you can embrace the small space mindset. So far, I’ve shared tips for effectively using your calendar to schedule decluttering time and for being systematic as you clear the clutter. Now I’m going to share my third strategy. I will be focusing on decision making… Continue Reading »

Be Systematic When Clearing Office Clutter

Embracing a small space mindset (which I highly recommend) starts with decluttering your workspace. In this next installment of my series, I’m doing a deeper dive on the second of the three strategies for organizing your space. Your goal should be to focus on being systematic when clearing office clutter and not  like a ball… Continue Reading »

The Most Important Tool for Clearing Clutter

As I mentioned in a recent blog, embracing a small space mindset starts with clearing clutter on and around your desk. The strategies that I’m going to share will work regardless of the size of your workspace and start with the most important tool for clearing clutter…your calendar! I especially encourage you to streamline larger… Continue Reading »

Small Space Mindset Starts with Clearing Clutter

In my recent blog, I shared how I was adopting a small space mindset even when working at a full-size desk. I encouraged everyone to assess their own spaces and consider doing the same. A major part of embracing a small space mindset starts with clearing clutter on and around your desk. The goal is… Continue Reading »