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Electronic Organizing For Your Home Office

Working from home comes with many perks such as flexibility and convenience. One downside to working from home instead of in an office is not having an IT department to set up and organize all of your technology. That responsibility falls on you. Since some of this essential equipment is expensive, keeping it organized is… Continue Reading »

How to Turn Your Basement into A Home Office

As you can probably suspect, there are many advantages to having a home office. With a designated workspace, you can prevent clutter from accumulating in high-traffic areas in your house. Unlike a more traditional office environment, a home office can be both functional and customized to your taste. To fully reap these benefits, however, there… Continue Reading »

Tech Tools to Support Your Office Move

As you prepare and plan for your office move, you can quickly become overwhelmed by all the tasks that need to be completed to make sure the move goes smoothly. Make sure to utilize this NYC Professional Office Organizer’s office move checklist to support you. Also, check out some of these tech tools that work… Continue Reading »

Organizing Strategies for a Successful Transition to a Home Office

Whether you are starting your own small business or making the move like so many others to working remotely, the transition can often be challenging. You may have this image of an ideal work-from-home lifestyle in your head, but it doesn’t always equate to reality. Your NYC Professional Office Organizer is focusing specifically about the… Continue Reading »

Must Have Home Office Organizing Products

Keeping your home office organized can be tricky. There are client and project files to manage along with the usual assortment of office supplies and tech tools. And because you are working from home, there are probably plenty of personal items cluttering up your work area, too. Today I’m focusing on keeping your work-related materials… Continue Reading »