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Essential Tips To Ensure Your Office Move Goes Smoothly

Let’s be frank: moving is a major disruption. Moving a family from one city and state to another might be an exercise in patience and frustration, but can you imagine moving an entire office full of employees? If you’ll be doing this, these tips to ensure your office move goes smoothly are for you. If… Continue Reading »

What To Know Before Purchasing a Commercial Building

Buying commercial real estate is not an inexpensive endeavor and should take substantial consideration before making an offer to purchase. There are a number of factors that go into buying a commercial building. Be aware of the major concerns before you commit to anything. The building you ultimately go with can either enhance your company… Continue Reading »

Tips for How To Declutter Before an Office Move

As your business grows and changes, finding new office space is essential to its future. Your company’s prospects are expanding and generating more profit, just what many business owners wish to see. But officially moving your office into a new space can be a bit of a thorn in your side. Here are some tips… Continue Reading »

How to Organize Office Supplies – Case Study

My client’s plan was to consolidate their 2 locations into one brand new office space. There would be ample space for storing all the office supplies as well as a significantly larger kitchen with tons of cabinets. The focus of this project was on how to organize office supplies so the space would be maximized…. Continue Reading »

Organizing the Office Move – Case Study

My client, a local NYC non-profit, had scaled back operations and ultimately decided that they no longer needed their own office. In the most recent times, the office was only being used for storage. However, it still contained all the furniture, supplies and materials from when it was used as the headquarters for this non-profit…. Continue Reading »