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5 Immediate Benefits of Getting Organized

It’s no overstatement that everyone needs to be organized. For some people, organization is a fact of life, from labeled Tupperware containers in the fridge to a robust calendar with two-day-out reminders. For others, it is too much to even think about!

But really, what does staying organized do for us? There’s a long list of benefits but this Professional Organizer in NYC has zeroed in on my Top Five. Here they are:

Be more productive
Whether at home or at work, being in control of everything around you makes you a more productive person. When you know where things are and how they stand, you can get more done with greater efficiency. Is that client file in a jumbled mess on your desk, or is it filed neatly in a drawer, organized alphabetically and by date? Are your car keys hiding beneath the couch cushion, or are they hanging on a hook by the garage door? Get out the door and to your meetings quicker without second-guessing and an unwanted sense of urgency!

Have less stress
Let’s face it: it’s incredibly stressful having to always replace or redo something important, especially when you’ve already devoted the time and money. Being disorganized impacts the other people in your life, too. Coworkers, clients and managers rely on your ability to quickly locate files, documents, and samples without hemming and hawing. Your friends and family depend on you to keep travel documents, concert tickets, and personal objects in order as well. When disorganization takes over stress levels goes up and the state of calm quickly evaporates.

Aesthetic pleasure
A cluttered home or office is distracting and creates a sensory overload. Papers strewn about, dirty clothes draped over furniture, discarded food everywhere but the garbage – all of this is overwhelming. Our homes should be our sanctuary, our happy place. Our work space, whether a cubicle or big corner office, should be professional yet attractive and comfortable at the same time. After all we spend a good many hours at work, and the ambiance and aesthetics should be pleasing and organized.

Save money
Have you ever bought something, forgotten about it, and then bought the same thing again only to find your initial purchase buried under who-knows-what? Have you saved coupons for big-ticket items only to realize you threw them out with the mail? Organization prevents duplicate purchases and keeps you from shelling out money where saving was all-too-easy.

Give yourself the gift of time
Being disorganized eats away at your time. With our busy schedules, we can’t afford to spend “extra” minutes trying to locate what we need multiple times during the day. Less time spent locating “missing” items is more time to prepare for the big presentation at work or to make a couple of additional sales calls – or even some extra “me” time! Hey, it’s your time and you got it simply by putting things into their rightful places so they could be found in seconds.

It’s exciting and rewarding to work with a client who, with a few quick adjustments to their organizational habits will experience these benefits from Day 1. More time, less stress, and the opportunity to get more done in an efficient manner. This Professional Organizer in NYC says it’s worth the time to put an organization plan in place!

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