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5 Organization Tips for Working From Home With Roommates

The flexibility and ease of working from home is great. However, this new office lifestyle can have a few drawbacks, especially when living with one or more roommates. You must be conscious of the other person’s habits and schedule, which makes staying organized and on task challenging. To simplify your job, follow these five organization tips for working from home with roommates.

Create a Joint Schedule or Calendar

To ensure uninterrupted meetings and focus, create a joint schedule or calendar. Plan out your days, weeks, or months in advance and respect each other’s time. Do your best to avoid overlapping meetings, as this can help your space be less noisy.

Identify a Productive Area for Your Office Space

Test out each area of your place, from bedrooms to the kitchen. Find a spot where you can be the most productive and set up your office. Discuss your working areas with each other since compromise is the most important thing in any roommate relationship.

Keep It Clutter Free

To maintain a comfortable environment, you both must keep your spaces clean. No matter where you work, clear off your desk and organize your items. Consider purchasing these tools that might make it easier to declutter your work-from-home setup:

  • File cabinet
  • Desk organizers
  • Bulletin boards
  • Desk with storage drawers

Purchase a Room Divider

If you’re both sharing one room, buy a room divider. This furniture piece can give you an extra sense of privacy and allow you to have your own space. There are several different styles of room dividers, so choose one that fits your decorative preferences and room size.

Work Together

Working from home can be lonely, so embrace your new coworker! While you will spend much of the day solo, set aside an hour or two per day to work with each other. This allows you to build positive camaraderie and create a more beneficial space.

It can be hard to share a living area 24/7. By following these five organization tips for working from home with roommates, you can make your days spent in the office easier. Always stay positive and work with each other to create a productive space that’s conducive to both of your careers!

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