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Professional Organizer Reveals 8 Ways Being Organized Saves You Money

organize save money, professional organizerProfessional organizers can tell you that there are many advantages to being organized. Saving money is one that’s hard to overlook. Taking steps to organize your home and office empowers you to be more efficient and less stressed, but there are real monetary benefits as well. Just the process of working with a professional organizer to declutter your space can bring financial rewards:  One client recently uncovered $500 in gift cards when we organized her desk!

Still not convinced? Here are eight ways that being organized saves you money:

  1. You can find what you need so you save money by not purchasing duplicate items. When everything has a “home,” you don’t have to frantically search for your favorite jacket or buy a new umbrella every week.
  2. Donating your unwanted furniture, clothing, books, appliances, toys and office equipment helps you to declutter and receive a nice tax deduction at the same time. Even better, you help others – and the environment – by passing along things you no longer use.
  3. You’re more productive and efficient, able to focus on priorities and get more done in less time – and time is money.
  4. Your stress level decreases dramatically, bringing physical benefits that can keep you healthy and out of the doctor’s office. In addition, an organized home or workspace is easier to keep clean, creating a healthier environment.
  5. You have a more positive self-image, making you less likely to buy things you don’t need in an effort to boost your self-esteem.
  6. You’re better able to preserve and take care of your possessions when you can easily access them because your space is not cluttered.
  7. You’re more likely to invite new clients to your office if it’s is a tidy and comfortable space. You’ll definitely save money versus meeting at Starbucks! Having an organized work space undoubtedly makes a positive impression on prospective clients, helping you to close more business.
  8. Your financial records are in order so bills get paid on time, your credit score is high and tax preparation takes less time, which saves you money.

Guest author Terri Stephens is the founder and Chief Professional Organizer of Real Order Professional Organizing, LLC. Since 2003, she’s helped busy homeowners with their clutter and organizing needs in metro Atlanta and surrounding areas. Terri is also a Senior Move Manager and helps older adults and their families with later-life moves.

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