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How Much Workspace is Needed to be Productive? 

You should have a dedicated workspace… this is a must. How much workspace is needed to be productive? The amount of real estate that you have is not really the issue. As with your personal belongings, stuff expands to fill the available space. You probably have noticed this with your clothes closet.  The larger the… Continue Reading »

Tips for Overcoming Challenges at Your Remote Job

Remote work has become more commonplace in recent years. While there are many benefits to working from home, there are some unique challenges as well. Here are a few tips for overcoming challenges at your remote job. Decreased Mental Health The Problem: Many people who already struggle with mental health can find that working from… Continue Reading »

Office Decluttering Tips

With the beginning of the new year, there is a heightened focus on getting organized. After all, it is good to start the year off with a clutter free, organized space that isn’t filled with lots of piles (aka distractions). When surveying your space, your immediate reaction may be a feeling of overwhelm. As figuring… Continue Reading »

Making Your Getting Organized Resolution a Reality

Do you like to start the year off on a positive foot by enthusiastically stating your resolutions just as the new year begins? Are you also like many…throwing in the towel well before you are anywhere near achieving your goal? As getting organized typically ranks in the top resolutions each year, this issue is top… Continue Reading »

Ways To Improve Productivity in Your Small Business Office

After years of widespread remote work, millions of individuals are returning to their respective offices. Unfortunately, many of these employees find the adjustment quite difficult and discouraging, leading to a dip in effectiveness throughout their days. How can managers and business owners modify their working environments to address these challenges better? Read on and learn… Continue Reading »

Tips for Getting Organized

In keeping with tradition, I have been reviewing my blog posts for the year and am highlighting the 3 listed below. The topics covered are worthy of additional attention as these posts contain great tips for getting organized. Whether your challenge is clutter, procrastination or better systems to improve your productivity, making plans to address… Continue Reading »