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Back to Work & Working Smarter after Vacation

If you’re like me, you took time off during the holidays and are just returning to the office. You’re refreshed, re-energized and relaxed…all benefits of time away from the office.  I prefer to ease back into work and think of this process as wading into the shallow end of the pool instead of diving into the deep end. After all, I want to savor the benefits of being out of the office as long as possible. So how do I do this… by working smarter after vacation.

1. Assess tasks to be done. I start by identifying all the tasks that didn’t get done before vacation, those that popped up during vacation, and those that should be addressed in the coming weeks. I then scrutinize the list, eliminating all those that were nice ideas but not happening. As a result, my list is scaled back to only those essential tasks.

2. Reclaim my workspace. Before I can settle back in to work, I get rid of the distractions. I start by clearing the last remnants of the holiday season off my desk. I then organize my file box, file those documents left from last year, and discard information that’s no longer needed. I’ll also spend a few minutes corralling the cords from my laptop, phone, and the ring light so that there’s more space for my computer and reference materials. 

3. Set realistic goals. I find that the most challenging aspect of goal setting is being realistic concerning what can actually be done in the time available. Hence, I am very careful to set goals that are relevant and achievable. In addition, I limit the number of goals that I’ll focus on each quarter and assess my progress as the quarter ends. My objective is to complete all the tasks related to each goal. However, I’ve decided that I’m not going to stress if I miss the deadline by a couple of weeks. 

Taking time off gives me a renewed perspective. It that enables me to more clearly see what I should be doing so I can start working smarter after vacation. How about you? Please share below or reach out to me.

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