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Can a Virtual Organizing Session Get This Home Office Organized in Time?

There’s nothing like a looming deadline to spur us on. In this case, my client was planning to sell her home and the photographer was scheduled to take pictures for the listing in a week. The problem?  Her home office needed to be organized and it was cluttered with boxes, magazines and assorted piles. While she was overwhelmed by this task, she had very specific goals in mind. All items needed to have a specific home and systems were needed for managing the stuff so that her home office would always be neat and organized. We scheduled a virtual organizing session and efficiently worked our way through the space. 

BEFORE: My client is fortunate to have an entire room as her home office. She is the Director of Administration at a NYC law firm and during this time has been splitting the work week between her home office and city office. Her home office was cluttered with files that she was trying to setup for 3 investment properties and work materials that had to be temporarily stored. She wasn’t sure how best to label the real estate folders, so the paperwork and boxes of filing supplies were on the floor.  In addition, systems were needed for better managing her paid bills files and magazine subscriptions.

AFTER: During our virtual organizing session, we tackled each of the issues. We decided that the labels on the investment property folders should include the property name, information category and year. In addition, there would only be 3 months of household bills in the files at any given point. We recycled many of the magazines that had been piling up, reduced the subscriptions to only 2, opted for a 1 in 1 out system, and decided that only the last 3 months of the HR publications and cooking magazine would be kept and assigned locations accordingly.

As my client’s work materials also needed a home, we designated a spot under her printer for those binders that needed to be accessible when she’s working from home. Those materials that traveled back/forth between the 2 offices were stowed in a specific space in the office closet. Lastly, once my client did a decluttering pass on her desk, she scheduled 5 minutes at the end of each day to clear the desk of files, paperwork and assorted items that collected during the day.

MY CLIENT’S THOUGHTS….“Back in March no one was prepared to be working from home for such a long time.

My home office was a disorganized mess so I scheduled a virtual organizing session with Stephanie. She understands how to help you organize based on your lifestyle.  Rather than just telling you how to organize your space, she helps you set up a system.

Getting the clutter and disorganization of my home office under control really changed the way I work.  It has become effortless to keep it neat and organized because everything has a place and now I have a system.  Thank you, Stephanie!!”  – Director of Administration

Is it time to re-organize your home office? Doing the work virtually may be another option to consider. Reach out to your NYC Professional Office Organizer today to discuss how virtual home office organizing sessions work.

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