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Case Study: Organizing A NYC Closet

Does your bedroom have Peter Pan Syndrome – does it just refuse to grow up?! If so, this organizing a NYC closet case study will be of interest. One of my clients, a media company producer, admits that she really needed a closet organizer as she was “still in that college dorm-esque routine of shoving things in closets and drawers and not knowing where anything was. Or, rather, it was more like: I know my silver bracelet is in the pocket of my jeans that are crumpled in a ball next to the hamper that’s really a makeshift storage bin for old stuffed animals, Christmas lights and a random lip gloss that I can’t seem to part with.” Like many NYC residents, this client’s apartment had a small bedroom where clothing was taking up a disproportionate amount of the space and finding what she needed when she needed it was nearly impossible.

There’s hope. After working for just a few hours with a closet organizer, we made tremendous progress in organizing her NYC closet and maximizing space.


  • Clothes were piled high on a bedroom chair, the dresser and in corners of the bedroom
  • Stacks of clean clothes were intermingled with those items destined for the dry cleaner
  • Closet contained many items that no longer fit or were no longer in style
  • Space in a storage cabinet above the closet was not maximized
  • Shoes and boots completely covered the closet floor
  • A shoe bag with mostly empty pockets was hanging on one side of the closet door
  • Under-bed storage space was not utilized


  • Organized all workout clothing and stored them in night table drawers
  • Sorted and organized like clothing and assigned a specific drawer to each category
  • Purchased a second hanging shoe bag, with one used for shoes and one for accessories, such as scarves and gloves
  • Stored holiday decorations and some off season clothing in the cabinet above closet
  • Purchased and packed storage bags for off-season items to be stored under bed
  • Recommended change of season clothing review twice a year

Client reaction:

“Stephanie came to my Manhattan apartment for a three hour session and when she left it looked so great you would have thought she had been there for three weeks considering the amount of clutter and disorganization she had to deal with.”

Now everything has a place, I feel like an adult (well, sometimes…) and I am not intimidated by my own home. If I need to grab a pair of Spanx I actually know where it is! All my jeans are at my fingertips! I have a painless system of swapping out my clothes with the changing seasons! My pajamas have their own drawer! Pretty dresses are on hangers and ready-to-wear!

My apartment went from a war zone to a comfort zone with Stephanie’s guidance and tips that were easy to implement and follow. For what we pay to live in Manhattan, we sure deserve to enjoy it. Stephanie can help make that happen.”

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