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Declutter & Organize Your NYC Bathroom

organizing NYC bathroomWhether your bathroom space is large or small, taking some time to declutter and organize will help to make it a clean, comfortable and refreshing place. October is National Kitchen and Bath Month so this is the perfect time to implement these NYC professional organizer tips to organize the bathroom in your NYC apartment.

Declutter Bathroom

Empty each cabinet, shelf and drawer and take inventory of your items. Toss toiletries that have dried up or that you no longer use. If the container is dusty, chances are you aren’t using the product on a regular basis. Most cosmetics should be used or discarded within six months; as they deteriorate, they can cause irritation. Check expiration dates on toothpaste, mouthwash and other toiletries and throw away those past their use-by date. Safely dispose of medications that have expired or that you no longer need. Be realistic about the number of towels, washcloths and linens you truly need as you declutter bathroom and donate the extras.

Organize NYC Bathroom by Storing Like Items Together

Group your toiletries based on their purpose – cosmetics, soaps and cleansers, hair supplies, nail care, dental products, etc. If you have unexpired surplus items (and who doesn’t everyone have a few bottles of scented soap or lotion that you received as a gift and have never opened?) or an excess of travel/sample sizes, donate them to a homeless or women’s shelter.

A favorite NYC professional organizer tip is to group towels and other bath linens by color and size and roll towels to maximize storage space.

Store a set of cleaning products, sponges, brushes and paper towels in a basket or bin in the bathroom or nearby closet so they’re handy and easily portable when it’s time to clean.

Simplifying with Storage

Once you have decluttered bathroom counters, keep them clear of excess items.  Store only a very limited number of those items you use frequently, such as a toothbrushes, hair brush or contact lenses solution on them. Cosmetics, hair products, nail polish, cologne, etc. should be stored in drawers or cabinets. In small bathrooms, utilize vertical space by installing shelves and cabinets to store items within easy reach so that you minimize counter clutter. Magnetic organizers can even make vertical space inside a medicine cabinet usable storage space. Roll-out trays and stacking bins efficiently organize cabinet space under your sink.

Add hooks to bathroom and linen closet doors to hang towels and robes. Stack towel bars towel bars to utilize wall space. Hang them low in children’s baths so that can learn good habits early.

A shower caddy is the perfect solution to decluttering the tub/shower. Using a hanging caddy for shampoo, conditioner and shaving supplies means no more bottles stacked up in the corners of your bathtub.

Sharing the Bathroom

Color coding can be a great solution for shared bathrooms. Assign each family member a color for towels and washcloths or attach colored hanging loops to keep them straight. Likewise, toothbrushes and water cups should be assigned by color so there’s less risk of sharing germs. Establish a shelf or cubby for each person’s toiletries and other personal items. Kids’ tub toys can be gathered in a mesh bag and hung from a suction hook to keep them neat and allow them to dry between baths. Be sure to hang towel bars or hooks low enough for children to hang up towels themselves

Most of us start and end our day in the bathroom – from morning shower to pre-bedtime routine. Creating a decluttered and organized space can make your day’s start and finish more efficient and calm – well worth the effort.

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