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Declutter Your Computer Files for Improved Efficiency

Clean out computer filesLike us, our computers work better and with improved efficiency when our computer files are decluttered and organized. Not only does cleaning out your computer files improve the efficiency with which it runs, it makes you more efficient because files are easy to locate and you know where to store everything for easy retrieval later. The second Monday in February is the day to focus on your files during Clean Out Your Computer Day. Below are some tips to help you do just that to improve your computer’s efficiency…and yours.

Uninstall unneeded and unused programs. Your computer likely came with a number of pre-installed programs that you’ve never used, along with trial software that you may have never tried – or at least didn’t use enough to purchase. A great way to start decluttering your computer files is to delete these programs so they’re not taking up space and cluttering your desktop or menus. The process for uninstalling programs varies depending on your computer and operating system; however, here are general instructions for Windows PC and Mac.

Archive or delete old files. If you have files you no longer use regularly but need to save, archive them to an external hard drive to free up disc space on your computer. Online backup systems such as Carbonite or Mozy are an affordable option as well. As with paper files, you sometimes need to make the tough decision to completely get rid of some old files. Once files are archived, decide how long you’re going to keep them; some may be able to be deleted after a pre-established time period (weeks/months/years, depending on your needs). Check archived files periodically and delete those you haven’t needed.

Clean Out Temporary Files. Temporary files can pile up, making them anything but temporary. Click here for Microsoft Windows instructions on deleting temporary files. Click here for Mac instructions.

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