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Declutter Your Office with the Professional Organizer in NYC


man at messy deskDo you cringe when you walk into your office every morning? Are you able to weed through the piles of paper to see your desk? Does your office give you the sense of calm that you need to be as productive as you can? If this sounds like you, then you are in luck, because the Professional Organizer in NYC is sharing with you her best tips to declutter your office.

  1. Get rid of the stacks of paper. The pile seems to keep on growing, so you need to take action. Create a filing system that works for you and sort the documents accordingly. Toss or recycle anything you no longer need. Delegate tasks that can be done by someone else and hand-off the related documents accordingly.
  2. Clean out your files. It’s important to take some time quarterly or annually (whatever works best for your business) to clear out your old client files. You can move any files from clients or projects that you are no longer working on into long-term storage, which frees up space for current clients and new projects!
  3. Break your office into zones. Just like any decluttering project, looking at your office as a whole might be daunting. Break that large Combat Zone down into smaller zones that are easier to tackle. Think about each zone, the tasks that are done in that area, the tools that will be needed and how it best fits your needs. For the desk zone, store items like pens and pencils in an appropriate space on your desk and remove items like surplus file folders that are just taking up space.
  4. Keep the items you use regularly within arm’s reach of your workspace. All the other items like surplus office supplies or reference materials that aren’t needed quite as often can be stored elsewhere in your office. Keeping your desk visually clutter free will eliminate the distractions, keep you focused and increase your productivity.
  5. Establish limits for yourself. Often the problem isn’t too much space, it’s just too much stuff. Especially in an office when your space is valuable and can literally equate to the success of the company, it’s important to restrict the amount of personal items like photos, memento’s and assorted promo items that are taking up valuable real estate.

Your office is just as important as your home, and many of the same decluttering rules apply. Having an organizing system in place, creating a specific home for every item, and getting rid of the items that you don’t need will help you create a clutter-free office. Once your office space is decluttered, you’ll immediately feel a difference in your energy, creativity, and productivity. Take this advice from the Professional Organizer in NYC and declutter your office today!

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