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Distracting Mistakes To Avoid in Your WFH Setup

A work-from-home setup can be very convenient, ensuring people don’t have to leave their houses to make a living. Unfortunately, it’s easy to make distracting mistakes in an at-home work environment. Still, you can easily overcome these obstacles. Look at this list of distracting mistakes to avoid in your WFH setup to learn how you can start perfecting your workspace now.

Using a Bad Microphone

Communication is vital for any company and becomes even more crucial in remote working environments. Replacing a bad microphone is one of the essential tips for creating a professional video conferencing setup. Without clear communication, your team can’t work together coherently in their separate locations.

Mic problems can be incredibly frustrating if it’s completely muting you or another speaker, resulting in a timewasting troubleshooting process. Thus, you should always have a quality microphone to use on video or audio calls with co-workers. This ensures everyone can hear and understand each other, making it easier to avoid miscommunications.

Not Giving Yourself Enough Space

It’s understandable to try to make do with whatever desk you currently have, even if it’s small, and put off a replacement until later. However, you should prioritize a bigger desk space sooner than later if it becomes too cluttered.

Your desk can be the key to maintaining efficiency by helping you organize belongings precisely where you need them to be and supporting all your equipment. Don’t settle for discomfort when working; expand your desk space whenever necessary so you can focus on getting work done.

Working Next to Your Bed

This is one of the most distracting mistakes to avoid in your WFH setup because your work and rest space should be separate. With your bed in another room, you can focus more on your work tasks and less on that afternoon nap you’ve been craving. Likewise, you’ll get a better night sleep if you weren’t thinking about work when you’re in bed. Using the tips above, you can develop a WFH setup that aligns better with your needs.

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