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Healthy Home Office Supplies Every Remote Employee Needs

Work looks different now that the pandemic has changed how we interact with our jobs. People work from home more now than they ever have before.  Optimizing your home setup is essential if you want to increase your productivity.

In the pursuit of success, many people may fall behind on taking care of themselves. Since you spend so much time at home, it’s so important to prioritize our health in every way that you can. Whether you work for yourself or a company, here are some healthy home office supplies every remote employee needs.

Blue Light–Blocking Glasses

If you spend most of your days in front of a screen, chances are your eyes are suffering. Prolonged exposure to blue light can strain our eyes and negatively impact our vision. Blue light also decreases melatonin production, making it difficult to fall asleep. When you use a pair of blue-blocking frames, you can save your sight and get better rest—both of which are vital to your overall health.

Ergonomic Chair

Working from home often means spending a lot of time sitting. This leads to back pain and posture problems that can cause long-term issues. Instead of sitting in a wooden kitchen chair, invest in high-quality office seating that supports lumbar, weight, and posture. This will help relieve any discomfort and prevent future injuries.

Laptop Riser

Simply put, laptops are bad for your posture. If your screen is at or below your eye level, you’ll find yourself slouching more often than you should be. Purchasing a laptop riser will eliminate this problem by raising your computer to a comfortable height. If you have hunched shoulders or Dowager’s hump on the base of your neck, you’ll need this healthy home office supply as a remote employee.

Air Purifier

Being cooped up indoors all day is terrible for anyone’s well-being. If you’re a busy professional, adding an air purifier to your home can drastically improve your health. The air inside is way more polluted than you may realize because it’s poorly circulated. Air purifiers are important to remove impurities that may make you sick, so make sure you have one near your office.

You don’t need to sacrifice your physical health in order to be productive. Healthy employees lead to better performances, including people who work for themselves. Invest in products that make you feel good and watch how your attitude and efficiency change.

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