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Home Office Organizing Tips for Getting More Done

“Can you share some really effective home office organizing tips?”  As a NYC professional home office organizer, I’m asked this question more frequently these days with so many working from home.  Whether you have an entire room as your home office or are using the dining room table, the objective is the same. A dedicated workspace. Minimize the clutter. Have a good information flow system. Here are some tips for that will keep your home office organized and improve your productivity.

1. A dedicated workspace. You should have a go to spot in your home that you’ve claimed as your home office. It can be a lap desk on the sofa, dining table or a desk. If not, you will be leaving a trail of papers and information behind you as you constantly move from spot to spot. If space is limited, consider a collapsible computer table. You can set it up in the morning and fold it up at the end of the day.

2. Trays. Even in the most streamlined home offices, there is some paper. Pads with notes from an important call. A copy of a draft that needed to be proofread. A list of tasks to be done. Especially if your workspace is small, having a tray to collect those items that will be needed for future reference is important. In addition, if you have to clear your workspace at the end of the day, it will be easier to do so and you’ll be able to quickly find your work information the next day.

3. Paper sorter box. If you are a paper person and have a small workspace, the paper piles will quickly overtake it. To prevent the clutter and avoid the chaos that will follow, try using a paper sorter box. Identify the categories needed to keep the papers organized and assign each a slot. The sections could be used for pending issues, tasks to be done, follow-ups needed, or a specific project. It can be customized to accommodate the amount of papers in each slot.

4.  Automate tasks. With juggling working from home and managing your household, maximizing your time is so essential. One way to do this is to automate some processes. For example, try using one of the calendar scheduling tools. This can be especially helpful for scheduling business development meetings or other frequent types of meetings. If the tool, like Calendly integrates with Zoom, the meeting with the link will appear on your calendar.

Ready to get more work done each day in your home office?  Reach out to your NYC Professional Home Office Organizer today for additional tips to get you started.

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