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How Has COVID-19 Changed Home Offices?

What do today’s home office look like? It is safe to say that in many cases they look nothing like the home offices of the past…say 4 months ago. While pre-pandemic, many had fully functional home offices and others who infrequently worked from home were just winging it. Recent times have many of us re-thinking and re-defining our home office space. As a NYC professional home office organizer, I have been seeing a lot of this.

Way before recent issues made having a productive home workspace a necessity, home offices may not have been taken seriously by some. If there was a designated space, it was only thought of as a place to quickly check email or pay bills. As a result of COVID-19, they have come into their own. Home offices are no longer an after thought but an essential space within every home. With so many more people working from home for the foreseeable future, this new-found importance is here to stay. In fact, I recently read that a home office is on the must have list for many of today’s new home buyers.

The home office born out of this pandemic may have its own room or just be a desk in a corner of your living room.  While location is important as it relates to minimizing distractions and participating in Zoom meetings, creating a space where you can deliver the high-quality work that you are known for is the goal. The amount of space that you have is less of the issue. The more important factor is how you’re using that space. Establishing a command center where you can effectively manage your information flow, confidently get your work done and manage your team is the real objective.

Today’s home offices must be more-high powered and effective than those in the past. Is it time for you to re-assess your home office? I provide both virtual and onsite services and am here to help you. Reach out to this NYC Professional Home Office Organizer today.

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