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How I Can Help You Clear Digital Clutter

Over the past months, I’ve created a series of 8 video tips focused on clearing digital clutter. If you are thorough and have found all your digital clutter (not just what’s on your desktop!), decluttering and organizing the keepers can be a big project. While I hope that you are committed to completing all the tasks, I recognize that this can be a bit overwhelming. Here’s how I can help you clear your digital clutter so that you can enjoy the benefits.

Help Clearing Digital Clutter

An Objective Voice

When tackling a task that is outside your comfort zone, it is beneficial to have the input of an objective supporter. There are decisions to be made concerning how and when to work on the decluttering tasks, what to keep, how to organize the filing system, and how to maintain the newly organized digital files. I can be that objective voice that sees the big picture and shares relevant organizing strategies, helps you navigate decision making, and ensures that all the important tasks are addressed.  

An Accountability Partner

With all projects, big or small, it helps to have your own personal cheerleader to ensure that you stick with the project and take it over the finish line. Having an accountability partner especially when working on a challenging project can be very beneficial. This is one of my roles when working with clients. I follow-up with them to ensure that the decluttering tasks are completed by mutually agreed upon deadlines, offer encouragement when they’re stuck, and celebrate their successes with them.  

A Customized Approach

Many concepts and strategies were mentioned in each of the tips in this digital decluttering series. However, as the videos are only 2-3 minutes in length, some of the points may require clarification. If there’s confusion concerning how to apply the tips to your situation, I can provide additional information that is customized to your specific digital clutter issues and provide a detailed set of steps to follow.

An Obstacle Buster

Digital organizing, like physical organizing projects, can be a minefield of challenges and obstacles. While some may be easy to overcome, there may be some that could totally derail your attempts to declutter and organize. I help my clients identify the real issues and then collaborate with them to create solutions for overcoming the challenges. My ultimate goal is to find an easy to navigate path for my clients to follow so they can achieve their organizing goals.

I hope that I’ve provided some insight into how I can help you clear your digital clutter (as well as other clutter).  In addition to the videos, this digital decluttering blog may also be helpful. If you have any questions concerning how I can support you through your digital decluttering journey, let’s talk.

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