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How to Improve Productivity at Work

We’ve all been there…. Facing one of life’s many transitions. It could be a new job, starting your own business, hybrid working, taking on new responsibilities and the list goes on. As you’re getting up to speed in your new role, it is also time to assess the systems that you have relied on up to this point. They may need to also transition so you can keep pace with your new direction. This is how to improve productivity at work…by tweaking the keepers, ditching systems that no longer work, and introducing new ones. As a result, you will continue to work at maximum efficiency and meet your deadlines.

I have made a point of doing this during transitions in my business. Whether it be taking on a very large project or bringing on a virtual assistant, I have taken a step back, evaluated the best processes for managing these changes to my business, and either adjusted my existing systems or added new ones. What happens if you don’t do this?  It’s like diving into the deep end of the pool. You’ll be expending lots of energy treading water instead of being focused on creating efficient processes for getting the work done.    

My client and I were recently discussing her career transition from practicing attorney to launching her own coaching business. In her case, the system that she created for organizing and managing the extensive materials from her training program also needed a transition. The 7 binders that contained the training modules were no longer the best solution for filing this information. There were specific materials within these binders that would be ideal for use in client meetings. However, she wasn’t sure of all the resources at hand and couldn’t locate them quickly. It was time to re-organize these materials and create a more traditional filing system. We discussed the parameters for creating a system that would better support her business as it develops and grows.

Are you adjusting your systems when faced with one of life’s many transitions? This is how to improve productivity at work so that you continue to check tasks off your list. I encourage you to do so and you’ll be supported through whatever transition you’re facing. If you’d like to share how you’re doing this, please reach out to me.

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