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How to keep your office clutter free – 7 Tips

I recently shared steps for decluttering your cluttered office. Now that this is done, your focus should shift to maintaining your organized, clutter free space. How do you keep your office clutter free? If you think this will take too much time, think again. This will only take a very small percentage of the time you’ll spend searching for missing files and paperwork if the clutter starts to collect again.

Here’s how to keep your office clutter free:

1. Keep the items that you use frequently (i.e. pen, pad, stapler, cell phone holder, etc.) very accessible. Limit the number of items on your desk so that you have more available workspace. The items that you don’t use frequently should be put away in a drawer or in a supply closet.

2. Avoid using the floor for additional storage. It shouldn’t be used to store books, papers, files and whatever else you don’t have room for on your desk or other furniture.

3. Organize your files and then file paperwork when you have completed working on it. Put the papers into their “assigned folder” and then put away the folder in its proper place.

4. Divide your office into zones. This will make it easier to address any piles that start to collect. If the items don’t belong in that zone, you’ll know exactly what to do with them.

5. Take 5-15 minutes each day to re-file, reorganize and get rid of anything that you no longer need. This will ensure that the clutter never has an opportunity to get out of hand.

6. Limit the number of mementos that you keep on your desk. Store the rest in a small container and periodically rotate 1-2 pictures or souvenirs from this collection for display. Each time you do this see if there are any items that you can let go off.

7. Don’t hang your coat or umbrella on the doorknobs or off of the backs of chairs. This contributes to a general impression of disarray and clutter.

Look at the time spent maintaining your office as a small investment of your time. Keeping your office clutter free will give you more time to focus on completing your daily work and a wonderful sense of peace, calm and accomplishment. Questions? I’m here to support you…please reach out to me. 

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