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How to Move between Hybrid Work Locations

This is my second blog in this series about making a successful transition to hybrid work. As mentioned in last week’s article, the goal is to make the transition from your home office to work office and back seamless. I suggested creating a simple checklist so that when you sit at your desk you have everything needed to efficiently tackle all that needs to be done. The checklist is the reminder of those items that need to be packed and move with you. Now I will be sharing tips today concerning how to successfully move between hybrid work locations.

Your checklist becomes your packing list on those days that you’ll be transitioning to your other work location. As part of your end of day routine, it will be especially important to gather all the items on this list so they can be stowed in your backpack or tote. It will be helpful to assign a specific location in your bag for each item on the list. For example, your charging cables all go in the front outer pocket of the backpack.

Assign an appropriate spot for the rest of the items on your checklist and note them on the checklist. Use this list as a guide as you pack up each time. Remember that the more often that you do this, the faster this habit will form and you’ll no longer need the checklist as a reminder. Aside from keeping your bag organized, having a specific spot for each item will also serve as a visual reminder of what’s missing. Quickly scan the contents before zippering up the compartments to be sure that you have everything.

Once the bag is packed in your work office, you can grab it and head home. However, when you’re working from home, it’s a different situation. You may have a home office or you may be working at the dining table. In any event, there’s a good chance that your checklist essentials are scattered about. While you should follow the same process for packing up as suggested above, it could take a little longer to collect all your items. Once your bag is packed, designate a spot close to your front door to be your launching pad. Place the bag on this table, near the coat closet or by your front door so you can grab it on your way out. I highly recommend doing this task at the end of the day as it will eliminate the possibility of some additional early morning stress.

The combination of the checklist, assigned locations for your key work items, and a launching pad will be important as you figure out how to successfully move between hybrid work locations. What else are you doing to facilitate the transition between work locations?  Share here.  

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