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How to Organize Digital Files

Before you can answer the how to organize digital files question, you should start with some digital decluttering. Your digital filing system like a paper filing system needs periodic decluttering. Here are 5 questions to ask yourself as you assess the state of your current digital filing system.  Once you have honestly responded to them, it may be time to schedule time to declutter and re-organize your files so that you’ll be better able to quickly locate documents when needed.

Are your folder names intuitive? 

The names of your folders should resonate with you and anyone else that shares the filing system with you. If they do, you’ll be able to find and file documents in seconds. This is a sign of a well setup filing system.

How many clicks until you reach the desired document?

The goal should be less layers which equates to less clicks. If you minimize the number of folders and sub folders that you have to navigate through, the more efficient you’ll be and you’ll probably also save some time.

Are old project folders mixed in with the new?

Reduce the number of folders to weed through enroute to the one that you need. Completed project folders should be kept but moved into an archive folder. This way they are out of the way and still accessible should the contents be needed.

Is your current file structure still relevant?

In all probability, your business has evolved over time as it has grown or as your business direction has shifted. Your filing system should follow suit and your main folders reflect these changes.

How many folders do you have?

Limiting the number of folders is the ultimate objective. Consider how you can streamline or consolidate your folders so navigating through your digital filing system will be simpler.

As you consider how to organize your digital files, I encourage you to use these 5 questions as the starting point. If you have questions concerning how to create a more effective digital filing system, reach out and I’ll share a couple of tips.

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