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How To Reduce Employee Distractions When Working From Home

Remote working is more common now than ever before. Many offices offer opportunities for employees to get their work done from the comfort of their homes. But how do you reduce employee distractions when they’re working from home? Here are some helpful tips to ensure you and your workers get the most out of this remote arrangement.

Provide Tools for Office Organization

Many employees struggle to focus due to their home office feeling more like home than work. As a boss, lend a helping hand to your workers to create an organized and productive workspace. Something as small as a wall calendar for them to keep track of meetings and appointments makes a huge difference in home office organization.

Keeping Workers Connected

A common distraction from remote working is separation from the rest of the office. One way to reduce employee distractions when working from home is to host scheduled team-building exercises. Once a week or so, dedicate a half hour to getting everybody on your team together to play a word game or brainstorm ideas. Connecting with the other members of the team in a stress-free environment helps remind them of their role in the company.

Breaks Are OK

When working in an office, it’s essential to get away from the desk now and then. Grab a cup of coffee or stretch your legs. Talk about the latest episode of that popular TV show by the water cooler for a few minutes. Breaks are just as significant for your remote employees, but many workers neglect to take them, often without even noticing. Remind your employees that it’s OK to step away from the computer now and then to recharge their brains.

Working from home has many advantages, but it’s essential to keep your employees organized, productive, and happy to avoid distractions in their new home offices.

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