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How to Stay Organized

How to stay organized is a common question. You may think that once you have spent time decluttering your home office or supply cabinet that you’re done. However, this isn’t the case. If you don’t create simple systems for managing the space and your workflow, you’ll be looking at new piles before you know it.

While you might need systems, they don’t have to be complicated or take months to test before launching them. Once you have identified the basic steps that should be followed, start following them. Most of what has to be done will probably have been included in the process that you initially create. You can always tweak the steps as you continue to test drive the system. The last thing that you want to do is to wait until you have the perfect solution. If you do, you’ll never put a system in place.

For example, let’s create a system for processing the mail. As I frequently see stacks of unopened mail in client’s homes and offices, they could benefit from having this type of system in place.

1. Designate a place for collecting the mail. It could be a tray on your desk or a spot on your kitchen counter if you work from home.

2. Schedule time each day to sort and open the mail. Stick to it regardless if there’s 1 envelope or 20.

3. Create a spot for any mail that requires action like a phone call, payment, etc.

4. File all paperwork that must be kept.

5. Toss or shred whatever is left.

As you can see, this is a simple process that can be easily followed, will eliminate the piles and will help keep your space clutter free. How would you answer the how to stay organized question? I would like to hear about the systems that you are creating. Please reach out to share them.

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